Challenging criminology

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Challenging criminology
1 E. Sutherland
1.1 Differential (dis) organisation
1.2 What may be deemed wrong in one place may be deemed normal/ acceptable in another.
1.2.1 Deviancy is social construct /context
1.3 Social learning theory
1.3.1 Differential association.
1.3.2 Deviancy is learnt as is conformity.
1.4 White collar crime.
2 White collar crime
2.1 Unclear who is criminal
2.2 Power of elites to influence construction and enforcement of the law
2.3 Conventional criminals dealt with by formal cjs
2.3.1 white collar by inspectors and civil agencies.
2.4 Abuse of power.
3 Matza
3.1 Delinquents can exercise choice
3.1.1 Rejection of a deterministic explanations; things are inevitable.
3.1.2 Classicism
3.2 Techniques of neutralisation and drift.
3.2.1 Delinquents drift in and out delinquency.
3.3 Delinquents are no different from non-delinquents.
3.4 Ethnography
3.5 Subjective experience not objective.
4 Howard Becker
4.1 'underdog'
4.2 Deviance is socially constructed.
4.3 Labelling theory
4.4 Consensus of shared norms
4.5 Deviance arises from conflicts and moral political judgements
5 Deviance is humanised: correctionalism is rejected for the appreciation of the deviant.
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