Events in Nazi History 1933-1934

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Events in Nazi History 1933-1934
  1. 1933:Hitler appointed chancellor
    1. Eventually given the appointment by Hindenburg
      1. Thought he could use Hitler as a puppet
    2. 1933
      1. Foreign Policy aims revealed
        1. Over turn the Treaty of Versailles
          1. Create Lebensraum to the east (living space)
            1. Re-unite all German nationals
            2. Reichstag fire
              1. Blamed on the communist party
                1. As a result the communist party was banned
                  1. Nazi Plot to make the communists public enemy No.1
                2. 1933
                  1. Communist party illegal, Nazis gain votes
                    1. Due to the Reichstag fire
                    2. Enabling Act
                      1. Hitler could Rule without consulting the Reichstag
                        1. Four years of this
                          1. Consolidation of Power
                        2. 1933
                          1. Gestapo Formed
                            1. Secret Police
                              1. Herman Goering
                                1. Terror and Persecution
                                2. Nazis controlled local government
                                  1. Nazis controlled everything that went on
                                3. 1933
                                  1. Trade unions banned
                                    1. No voice for the Workers
                                      1. Large companies could do what they wanted
                                        1. Hitler wanted these companies to be pleased as they would eventually make tanks etc for war
                                      2. All political parties except Nazis
                                        1. Nazis now dominate politics and the country
                                      3. 1933: Germany leave the League of Nations
                                        1. Hitler couldn't be controlled by foreign powers
                                          1. Could almost do what he wanted too
                                            1. Austria-Hungry
                                              1. Rhineland
                                                1. Czechoslovakia
                                              2. Saw the League as weak
                                                1. Permanently avoiding war at all costs
                                              3. 1934: Night of the Long Knives
                                                1. 150 leaders of the SA were executed
                                                  1. Ernst Rohm
                                                    1. Hitler pleasing the public
                                                      1. Saw them as thuggish and unpredicable
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