Syllabus level 2

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Syllabus for a English class level 1

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Syllabus level 2
  1. Unit 1 15 hours
    1. Past Progressive. Gerunds Prepositions
      1. Functions: Describing past events.
        1. I was wearing a nice pink pair of high heels on my feet last night. I was taking out the trash yesterday.
      2. Unit 2 15 hours
        1. Future Progressive Modal "will" Recycle: gerunds and adjectives
          1. Predicting situations; indicate future situations
            1. I will be running at the amazing Balboa Park. He will be eating healthy salads this week
          2. Unit 3 15 hours
            1. Modal verbs (would/want)
              1. To express desires, wishes and abilities
                1. Would you like some coffee? I would like juice.
              2. Unit 4 15 hours
                1. Future Simple (Will) Future Simple (going to)
                  1. To express future possibilities; To express future plans
                    1. I will think about it. I am going to visit my aunt.
                  2. Unit 5 20 hours
                    1. Going to (affirmative) Going to (negative) Recycle: Future Progressive and modals.
                      1. Express denial and future situations
                        1. I am not going to swim today. I would like to run at the park instead.
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