AQA GCSE RS: Religion and Early Life

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AQA GCSE RS: Religion and Early Life
  1. Miracle of Life
    1. The idea that life is special, wonderful and amazing
      1. Life is unique; fertility shouldn't be taken for granted.
      2. Sanctity of Life
        1. All religion teach that life is special and precious
          1. Western Religions
            1. Life is sacred and holy because if comes from God; should be valued and cherished, NOT destroyed.
              1. God gave life, only he has the right to take it away
            2. Eastern Religions
              1. Life should be valued, every person deserves a chance to build up good karma
                1. Respecting life = good karma, Destroying life = bad karma
              2. Blessing
                1. Idea that God has favoured a couple with a child
                  1. See a child as a blessing/ gift from God; they are thankful.
                2. When does life begin?
                  1. Conception - DNA is fixed w/ information to make a new being
                    1. Important: Baby has rights (right to live) when it is 'alive'. Therefore abortion would be illegal.
                      1. Development of backbone which houses nervous system
                        1. When foetus is viable after 22 weeks
                          1. At the first heart beat
                            1. Religious Views
                              1. Buddhists - Life begins before conception, everything in cycle of samsara
                                1. Hindus, Sikhs and Roman Catholics believe life starts at conception
                                  1. Many Jews - foetus has potential but only legal baby at birth - Soul only reaches baby after it exits womb
                                    1. Muslims believe that the life starts after ensoulment at 120 days
                                  2. Quality of Life
                                    1. A measure of fulfilment
                                      1. Severe Disability - babies born with severe mental/ physical handicap, may live life full of pain and suffering. May also need full time care; extra responsibility on family.
                                        1. Many disabled children live happy and productive lives; how serious does a disability need to be to justify an abortion?
                                        2. Unwanted child - lots of unplanned children are loved and cared for dearly. However, in some cases the mother may feel resentment if she is not in a suitable position for motherhood
                                          1. The mother could be very young or could have been raped.
                                            1. This may be inconvenient, but surely this isn't a sufficient reason to end a pregnancy
                                            2. Poverty - some families simply can't afford children. If may also affect the QoL of the mother, e.g. a single mother may have to give up her job to look after children.
                                              1. Many women in LEDC's have children. Also government will give state benefits to poor mothers.
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