High Beginners Syllabus

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Example of an English class syllabus Level 2, high beginners.

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High Beginners Syllabus
  1. Unit 1
    1. Past: Questions, negatives, and short answers. Adverbs and adjectives.
      1. Function: Asking about your weekend, and feelings and reactions.
        1. Did you go to Stuart's party? - No, I did't; I was sadly sick.
    2. Unit 2
      1. Question forms, comparatives and superlatives, prepositions of place.
        1. Function: Describing my home and family.
          1. Where is your X-box? - Next to my Tv; John is taller than Amy.
      2. Unit 3
        1. Present vs present continuous, and prepositions of time.
          1. Functions: Talking about the weather and holidays.
            1. Because today is cold, I'm wearing a jacket; I'm walking home; everybaody went to church on Christmas Day.
        2. Unit 4
          1. Future simple (will/ is going to) and Modals (must, should, have to, and negatives).
            1. Function: Future plans, predictions, and advices.
              1. I will visit my sister this Sunday; she's going to arrive late, she always does; you shouldn't buy that old car.
          2. Unit 5
            1. Present perfect and Past
              1. Functions: Adventures and achievements.
                1. I have never gone to Hawaii or climbed a mountain; I finished my homework.
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