CA Strengths and Weaknesses

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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Cosmological Argument

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CA Strengths and Weaknesses
    1. Richard Swinburne: God may just be the simplest explanation.
      1. An a posteriori: based on evidence.
        1. The Big Bang Theory shows that there is a start.
          1. Scientists cannot show what caused the big bang so it could be God.
          2. WEAKNESSES
            1. David Hume and Bertrand Russell.
              1. Aquinas contradicts himself.
                1. Why does the prime mover have to be God?
                  1. Principle of Entropy: everything will eventually collapse and decay.
                  2. David Hume
                    1. Argument begins with a familiar concept but moves on to something that we cannot understand.
                      1. All particle matter can be destroyed and anything can be altered
                        1. Inconsistent not extend this to a deity
                        2. Why should it be the God of classical theism? Even if we do believe in a necessary being it does not have to have the characteristics of the classically theistic God.
                        3. Bertrand Russell
                          1. "Every man who exists has a Mother, and it seems to me that your argument is that, therefore the human race must have a Mother, but obviously the human race hasn't a Mother - that's a different logical sphere.
                            1. Russell Claims that not everything needs an explanation - 'the universe is a brute fcct'
                              1. He does not dismiss completely the quest for an explanation.
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