Tudor Rebellions

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A-Level Tudor History Mind Map on Tudor Rebellions, created by Tom Peters on 05/07/2015.

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Tudor Rebellions
  1. Rhys Ap Grufydd
    1. Personal grievances over not receiving his Grandfathers title + land
      1. Lord Ferrers appointed position
        1. Rhys' own servants went to serve Ferrers
          1. Veysey sent to solve argument
            1. Claimed there was no longer tension
            2. Stormed Camarthen Castle twice and drew daggers with Ferrers
              1. Both censured in front of Cardinal Wolsely in Westminster
              2. Wyatt's rebellion
                1. Took Gravesend & Cooling Castle
                  1. Attempted attack on London
                    1. Unhappy with Spanish marriage
                      1. Cornered in narrow London streets
                        1. Meant to be co-ordinated uprising from 4 areas
                          1. Only Kent uprised
                          2. Led by Sir Thomas Wyatt
                            1. Somerset sent to suppress rebels but his army joined the rebellion
                            2. Kett's rebellion
                              1. Flowerdew had grievances over enclosure
                                1. Gentry owned all common land and rents were increasing
                                  1. 16,000 rebels took up camp in Mousehold Heath
                                    1. Took over Norwich twice
                                      1. Articles accepted by Somerset who became sympathetic
                                        1. Duke of Northumberland fought rebels in Dussindale with the aid of foreign mercenaries
                                          1. 3000 rebels killed
                                            1. Hastily constructed defences
                                          2. Northern Earls
                                            1. Central govt. interfering with North of Country
                                              1. Needed the Papacy to excommunicate Elizabeth
                                                1. Duke of Norfolk conspired to marry MQS to secure succession to counter E.R.S.
                                                  1. Earl of Northumberland willing to uprise for Catholicism but opposed marriage
                                                    1. Earl of Westmorland also willing to uprise
                                                    2. Earls marched to Durham Cathedral to celebrate mass
                                                    3. Pilgrimage of Grace
                                                      1. Unhappy with dissolution of the monastries
                                                        1. Assembled roughly 30,000 men
                                                          1. Started by the Vicar of Louth
                                                          2. Led by Robert Aske
                                                            1. Grievances with Kings individual advisors- Crim, Cram & Rich
                                                              1. Took Pontefract castle and went as far North as Carsile
                                                                1. Stopped at River Don by Duke of Norfolk - outnumbered army 4:1 but accepted Kings pardon
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