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This is a year 8 summary mind map on the topic: Sound and Hearing

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  1. Is made by vibrations.
    1. Amplitude and Frequency
      1. Loud sounds are made by large amplitude vibrations.
        1. Quiet sounds are made by amplitude vibrations.
          1. A high pitch is made by a high (fast) frequency.
            1. Low pitched sounds are made by low frequency (slow) vibration.
              1. We can observe amplitude and frequency of sound waves using an oscilloscope. Frequency is measured in hertz.
              2. Loudness
                1. Loudness is measured in decibels.
                  1. Loud sounds can cause deafness.
                    1. Loud sounds are sometimes called noise pollution.
                    2. How Sound Travels
                      1. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum because there are no particles.
                        1. Sound travels fast in gases like air.
                          1. Sound travels faster in liquids like water.
                            1. Sound travels even faster in solids like steel.
                              1. But light travels a million times faster than sound.
                              2. Sound Range
                                1. Sound is heard by ears.
                                  1. Vibrations of the eardrum are converted into electrical signals, which travel to the brain.
                                    1. Most people can hear sounds between 20Hz and 20000Hz.
                                      1. Older people cannot hear some high pitched sounds.
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