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Mind map of Utilitarian ethics

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  1. Bentham / Act
    1. Principle of Utility
      1. No defence for minority
        1. Hedonic Calculus
          1. to find greatest happiness and smallest pain
          2. Teleological
            1. Quantitative
            2. Mill / Rule
              1. consequentialist
                1. Qualitative
                  1. Sets out rules to stop bad acts being commited
                    1. Principle of utility
                      1. More of a defence to minority but still widely ignored
                        1. common good
                        2. slightly more deontological
                          1. still teleological
                        3. Preference Utilitarianism
                          1. Singer
                            1. weigh out best outcome
                              1. take into account all people affected by our actions
                                1. take viewpoint of impartial spectator
                                  1. combined with a broad utilitarian approach
                                  2. Hare
                                    1. 'stand in someone else's shoes'
                                      1. consider our preferences as well as others
                                        1. use moral decision making
                                        2. Brandt
                                          1. We should go through cognitive psychotherapy
                                            1. we should explore all reasoning
                                            2. Eudaimonistic
                                              1. universalistic
                                                1. consequentialist
                                                2. Application to issues
                                                  1. Abortion
                                                    1. War and Peace
                                                      1. Genetic engineering
                                                        1. Euthaniasia
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