Reported Speech

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Reported Speech
1 Statements
1.1 Present simple-Past simple
1.2 Present continuous-Past continuous
1.3 Past simple-Past perfect simple
1.4 Present perfect simple-Past perfect simple
1.5 Present perfect continuous-Past perfect continuous
1.6 Past continuous-Past perfect continuous
1.7 Will-Would
1.8 May/Might-Might
1.9 Must-Must/Had to
1.10 Can-Could
1.11 Today-That day
1.12 Tomorrow-The next/following day
1.13 Tonight-That night
1.14 Next week-The next/following week
1.15 Ago/Before
1.16 Last week-The previous week/The week before
1.17 Yesterday-The previous day/The day before
1.18 This/These-That/Those
1.19 Here/There
2 Questions
2.1 Wh(...)?
2.1.1 There is no inversion of subject and verb "Where are you?" - He asked me where I was
2.2 Yes/No
2.2.1 We use IF or WhETHER "Can you do it?" - They asked me IF I could do it
2.2.2 We do not use the auxiliary verb DO "Do you like music?" - She asked me if I liked music
3 Other reporting verbs
3.1 NEED to be followed by a person
3.1.1 Warn-Remind-Tell
3.2 NOT followed by a person
3.2.1 Explain-Add-Claim-Admit-Agree-Announce-Claim-Say-
4 Other reporting structures
4.1 verb+infinitive
4.1.1 Agree, Claim, Offer, Promise, Refuse
4.2 verb+object+infinitive
4.2.1 Advise, Ask, Forbid, Insctruct, Tell, Order, Remind, Warn, Recommend
4.3 verb+gerund
4.3.1 Admit, Advise, Deny, Regret, Recommend, Suggest
4.4 verb+preposition+gerund
4.4.1 Apologize for, Insist on, Object to, Confess to
4.5 verb+-object+preposition+gerund
4.5.1 Accuse somebody of, Congratulate somebody on, Criticise somebody for, Warn somebody against
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