'La Belle Dame sans Marci' by John Keats


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'La Belle Dame sans Marci' by John Keats
  1. form and structure
    1. form of a traditional folk ballad
      1. broke into 12 quatrains
        1. the story of one event and the repetition of ideas and refrains
        2. iambic tetrameter
          1. one unstressed syllable, followed by a stressed syllable
            1. tetrameter (4 iambs per line)
            2. last line of each stanza is shorter because it is punching into the next stanza
            3. "Alone and palely loitering", a knight tells of his meeting with a beautiful, mysterious woman. She seduces him into riding away with her to a magical place, leaving the reality of this world behind.
              1. it is suggested through out the poem that the man is in a dream which is magical
                1. and there she lulled me asleep
              2. langugae
                1. title translates as 'the beautiful lady without mercy'
                  1. creates an ominous tone right from the beginning as this is not what the reader might traditionally expect from a courtly ballad.
                  2. "Alone and palely loitering" suggests suggests the lonely, desolate surroundings.
                    1. "haggard" and "woe-begone" to describe the knight which highlights how deathly and drawn he looks.
                      1. Webegin to get an impression of her seductive nature from the line, "And her eyes were wild."
                        1. Repitition
                          1. at the beginning and the end shows he hasn't moved as he still where he was when he went to sleep
                            1. rhyming scheme
                              1. regular (ABCB)
                          2. themes
                            1. love
                              1. between the man and the 'magical creature'
                              2. supernatural
                                1. the woman in his 'dream' is strange and different
                                2. dreams/reality
                                  1. the man is in a supposed dream and is then pulled out back to reality
                                  2. abandonment/loss
                                    1. the man is alone at the end of the poem which suggests he has been abandoned by the woman in his 'dream'
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