Phil HL - Emile Durkheim - Functionalist Theory

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Philosophy HL, Durkheim

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Phil HL - Emile Durkheim - Functionalist Theory
  1. For
    1. atheist churches: benefits of religion are recognised
      1. therefore it is not needed.
    2. Against
      1. what about disharmony caused by religion (Northern Ireland)
        1. sociologists argue society can do without religion
          1. Durkheim based views on small tribal societies
            1. not representative of all societies
            2. what is sacred and what is profane differs per person
            3. What is it?
              1. religion maintains social cohesion & harmony
                1. The world is divided into:
                  1. The sacred
                    1. God
                      1. objects
                        1. ordinary objects create powerful feelings
                          1. respects
                            1. awe
                          2. scriptures
                          3. The profane
                            1. mundane every day things
                          4. Totems: representative symbols,
                            1. Represent the collective conscience
                              1. shared values, beliefs, norms
                              2. Totemism: basic aboriginal religions
                                1. societies are divided into clans, each with a totem
                                  1. Totem represents society
                                    1. worshiping a symbol is easier than worshiping the society
                                2. Social cohesion
                                  1. an orderly society maintained by people following norms (the collective conscience)
                                    1. religion
                                      1. offers shared mentality & morality
                                        1. a common identity to unite under
                                          1. although collective ideas may change, the need for religion doesnt
                                            1. is embedded in the individual
                                              1. offers a sense of purpose
                                                1. explanations & comfort
                                          2. Religion maintains social cohesion and harmony
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