Phil HL - Jung - Archetypes

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Philosophy HL, Carl Jung

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Phil HL - Jung - Archetypes
  1. For
    1. believers say religion has benefits for the wellbeing of the personality
      1. religious experience: has the person identified their common core?
        1. doesn't argue for or against God
        2. Against
          1. Roheim: religious experience is mostly the same, therefore similar images are distinct?
            1. Jung's understanding of religious experience is too broad
              1. logical fallacy? if nothing outside the mind can be proven then we cannot reject this claim.
              2. What is it about?
                1. The Psyche is split into 3
                  1. inner: EGO
                    1. middle: Personal unconscious
                      1. Outer: Collective unconscious
                        1. inherited, common to all
                          1. nothing to do with experience
                            1. has images from archetypes
                            2. unique to individual
                              1. developed through life
                                1. influenced by history, culture
                                2. contains forgotten memories
                                3. the individual's conscious
                              2. Belief in God can be explained by the structure of the mind
                                1. it balances the personality (to become psychologically whole)
                                  1. individuation: acheiving a balance between the libido and mental health
                                    1. 1. character is developed as psyche adapts to demands of environment and relationships
                                      1. 2. Understanding God to get a sense of the Self
                                  2. collective unconscious:
                                    1. archetype generated images: shadow, self, joker, God
                                      1. images generated by God archetype are the same as those generated by the self
                                      2. generate similar images across cultures
                                        1. myths, dreams, religions
                                    2. nothing outside the mind can be proven
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