Phil HL - Freud - neurosis

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philosophy - Freud

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Phil HL - Freud - neurosis
  1. For
    1. people often convert because of trauma
    2. Against
      1. depends on a narow selection of evidence (only male deities)
        1. Malinowski: in the animal role nothing causes the complex, mother & father cause the complex
        2. psychoanalytic perspective
          1. What is it about?
            1. we long for a father figure
              1. for protection from feelings of fear about life
                1. God fulfills this role as an adult.
                  1. Morality from God fulfills demand for justice
              2. religion is for emotional support
                1. a neurosis (allows mind to be child like)
                  1. stems from unconscious mind - repressed sexual memories
                2. libido: the bodily urge that is capable of causing psychological damage
                  1. religion allows libido to redirect into music & arts
                  2. Primal Crime
                    1. guilt from primal sin is inherent
                      1. young members of horde killed alpha male from jealousy of his status
                        1. worships totem in his place as it reduces guilt (God has become the totem)
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