Phil HL - The God Gene

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Phil HL - The God Gene

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Phil HL - The God Gene
  1. What is it about?
    1. a specific gene that predisposes people to spiritual/mystical experiences
      1. religious behaviour due to a gene
        1. an evolutionary advantage: spiritual people tend to be more optimistic
          1. optimism: leads to pyschological/physical advantages - longer life
          2. products of reproduction & survival
          3. Darwin
            1. meme: a unit of cultural transition
              1. Religion is one of the most powerful of memes
                1. passed on through speech, writing, gestures, rituals
                2. memes mutate & evolve like genes do
                1. For
                  1. Applies to observations of William James: People who find it impossible to believe
                    1. explains persistence of religious beliefs
                    2. Against
                      1. Can the existence be studied empirically?
                        1. Zimmer: based only on one study
                          1. Polkinghorne: Theory is reductionist, only justified with the simplest most basic pyschical mechanisms involved
                            1. Why would God create people who cannot believe in him and then punish them?
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