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This mindmap talks about force

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  1. Force??
    1. Any Pushing or Pulling interaction that causes an object to move
      1. Measure by Netwon
        1. Newton??
          1. Measuring unit used to measure Force
            1. Named after Isaac Newton
        2. Net Force
          1. It's the difference between any two force that act aganist each others
          2. Unbalanced Forces
            1. When two forces act aganist each other and one is stronger than the other one
              1. Causes motion in the greater force's direction
              2. Friction
                1. It is the force resisting the relative motion of the surfaces
                  1. Types fo Friction
                    1. Static Friction
                      1. Friction that acts upon objects that aren't moving
                      2. Sliding Friction
                        1. Friction between two surfaces that are sliding over each other
                        2. Rolling Friction
                          1. When an object rolls across a surface
                          2. Fluid Friction
                            1. When a solid object moves through a fluid
                          3. Strength of friction depends on
                            1. How hard the surface is pushed togther
                              1. Type of the surfaces involved
                            2. Gravity
                              1. Weight
                                1. Force of gravity acting on an object on the surface of the planet
                                2. Free Fall
                                  1. When the only force acting on an object is gravity
                                  2. A force that pulls objects towrods each other
                                    1. Universal Gravity
                                      1. Every object has a gravitational force
                                      2. Factors Afecting Gravity
                                        1. Mass
                                          1. Amount of matter in an object
                                          2. Distance
                                        2. Air Resistance
                                          1. When an object is falling through air experiencing a type of friction which is called Air Resistance
                                          2. Terminal Velocity
                                            1. A falling object reaches the greates velocity
                                              1. Terminal velocity is when Air resistance = Weight of the object
                                              2. Projectile
                                                1. An object thrown
                                                2. Inertia
                                                  1. Tendency of an object to resist changing in motion
                                                  2. Momentum
                                                    1. Laws of Conservation of Momentum
                                                      1. Descirbes how strong a moving object is
                                                      2. Satellite
                                                        1. An object that orbits another object in space
                                                        2. Centripetal Force
                                                          1. A force that cause an object to move in a circular path
                                                          2. Balanced Forces
                                                            1. Doesn't cause motion
                                                              1. When two forces act aganist each other and they both hae equale amount of force
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