Social Pedagogy

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Social Pedagogy
  1. charity on Merseyside, SCS Kinder
    1. drawn on a model developed in Germany
      1. valuing young people as human beings and seeing the worth in all human beings;
        1. trying to separate out their current behaviour, which might be challenging or disruptive
          1. starting from a basis of trust
          2. Social pedagogues
            1. learning, care and upbringing are inseparable, inter-connected parts of life
              1. works closely with individuals and groups to enable them to develop their potential as social beings
                1. use their personality in their interaction with young people in order to build relationships
                  1. have interdisciplinary theoretical background, psychology, sociology, social work, education, health and other disciplines,
                    1. Stig Lund- nordic countries
                      1. social context is a deciding factor for the development of the personality
                        1. deep seated divisions between care and education
                          1. large differentials between status and salary.
                          2. vocational work in the care sector - professionalised graduate level education sector
                            1. common competencies for working with children
                              1. thinking critically,
                                1. making contextualised judgements
                                  1. being able to work with both individuals and groups,
                                    1. being able to work across boundaries
                                      1. being able to listen and communicate and work democratically.
                                  2. is a system of theory, practice and training that supports the overall development of the whole child
                                    1. concept of children as competent and active people in their own right and looks at all aspects of their life skills
                                      1. Associative spaces
                                        1. where children and adults spend time together
                                        2. key characteristics and underlying principles
                                          1. holistic approach to working with children
                                            1. emphasis on relationship building with children
                                              1. emphasis on children and young people’s development and, in particular, on their emotional health and well-being
                                                1. importance of reflection and the ability to bring both theoretical understanding and self-knowledge to the process of working with young people
                                                  1. working with young people’s associative life
                                                    1. development of skills in working with groups as well as with individuals
                                                      1. emphasis on children’s rights, participation and empowerment
                                                        1. team working
                                                          1. families, communities and other professionals
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