The History Boys Themes

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Themes and sub-themes in The History Boys

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The History Boys Themes
  1. Education
    1. Purpose of education
      1. Education system
        1. University
          1. Criticism of the Oxbridge system
          2. Private education
        2. Gender
          1. Women's role in history
            1. "History is not such a frolic for women as it is for men"
            2. Side-lined in the play, and in society
              1. Mrs Lintott is aware of this
                1. "I have not hitherto been allotted an inner voice"
            3. Sexuality
              1. Coming of age
                1. Homosexuality
                  1. Posner
                    1. Dakin
                      1. Bisexuality
                      2. Irwin
                        1. Hector
                        2. Fluidity of sexuality
                          1. Relationship between Dakin and Irwin
                        3. History
                          1. Views/representations of history
                            1. History repeats itself
                              1. Posner the only boy who "took everything to heart"
                                1. Hector - "Pass it on"
                              2. Poetry
                                1. Class
                                  1. Effect on education
                                    1. Rudge must work harder than other boys
                                      1. Rudge not expected to get into Oxbridge
                                      2. Dakin/Rudge
                                        1. Antithesis of each other
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