Disconnection between geographically dispersed teams that work together.

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method to explore the causes of a problem.

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Disconnection between geographically dispersed teams that work together.
  1. Organization
    1. team members keep changing
      1. dotted reporting lines
        1. different locations
          1. different working hours
          2. Strategy
            1. become a trusted advisor
              1. a final goal needs to be communicated all the time
                1. each Proposal has support from Pune
                  1. all parts of the organizations gives inputs for the bid
                  2. Style
                    1. UK people are more direct - related to culture
                      1. Competitive team members
                        1. Difficulty in saying no
                          1. detailed focused vs. high level
                            1. different styles of working that we have to adapt to
                            2. People
                              1. Sanjeev
                                1. Vikram
                                  1. Meghashyam
                                    1. Prateek
                                      1. Anurati
                                        1. Mayur
                                          1. Arun
                                            1. Radhika
                                              1. responsable of assigning resources for support in Pune
                                              2. Different culture
                                                1. young/ inexperienced resources
                                                  1. Language
                                                    1. building trust
                                                    2. Process/Procedures
                                                      1. a workload status needs to be constantly comunicated
                                                        1. all document need to properly stored sometimes in several locations
                                                          1. EET
                                                            1. involvement of several resources from other departments of the organization
                                                              1. too many procedures to follow
                                                                1. becomes frustrating?
                                                                  1. some of them can get skipped by mistake?
                                                                    1. we get audited
                                                                    2. following a work flow with a lot of procedures
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