EU Institutions

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EU Law - Institutions

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EU Institutions
1 Commission
1.1 President
1.1.1 Article 149(1) TEU: Elected by the European Parliament
1.1.2 Responsibilities: Lay down guidelines, appoint vice-presidents, internal organisation
1.2 College Of Commsioners
1.2.1 Commission now comprised of members which represent two thirds of the member states, unless the European Council votes unanimously to alter this number. Article 27(5) TEU Previously One member from each member state - Article 17(4) TEU (PRE October 2014)
1.2.2 Member states make suggestions for members. The Council and the Commission's president elect then selects a list of who are to be commissioners. This list is subject to a vote of approval by the European Parliament
1.3 Powers of the commission set out in Article 17 TEU
2 The European Parliament
2.1 750 members, plus the president. The number of each state's members based on the population size. Minimum of six members per state, Maximum 96
2.2 The European Parliament Elects the President of the Commission
3 The European Council
3.1 Recommends A candidate for the Presidency of the Commission to Parliament
3.2 Presidency decided by a overall majority - In office for 2.5 years
3.3 Central to the EU's decision making process. No important developments occurs without having been considered by the council
4 The Council
4.1 Split into different configurations depending on the subject being discussed.
4.1.1 Members - A representative of each member state at ministerial level
4.1.2 General Affaris Council Creates Agenda for European Council
4.1.3 Foreign Affairs Council Chaired By the High representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs
4.1.4 Economics Finance Council
4.1.5 Presidents of configurations (aside from the foreign affairs committee) decided by a qualified majority
4.2 Represents National Interests
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