The Rivals - Character Quotes

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The Rivals - Character Quotes
  1. Lydia Languish
    1. "You once commanded me never to think of Beverley again... I now obey you... I renounce him forever" Lydia to Mrs.M - Act IV, scene II
      1. "So! There will be no elopement after all!"
        1. "I see I have been deceived by everyone!"
          1. "O I should die with disappointment"
            1. "Our happiness is now as unalloy'd as general"
              1. "For both Lydia and Alisoun, reading, and making use of that reading is thus a source of sometimes transgressive and always transformative power" David Cockburn
                1. "Will you...consent to forfeit... my paltry wealth - that burthen on the wings of love"
                  1. Jack replies "Bring no portion to me but they love"
                    1. Earlier "What, and lose two thirds of her fortune. You forget that my friend"
                2. Faulkland
                  1. "some breeze might chill her delicate frame"
                    1. "A minuet I could have forgiven but country dances!"
                      1. "I must leave you"
                        1. "There is no consistency in women"
                          1. "Women should not sue for reconciliation, that should always come from us. They should retain their coldness until woo'd to kindness"
                            1. "My vile tormenting temper has made me treat her so cruelly that I shall not be myself till we are reconciled"
                              1. "Hell and the devil... O, she thrives in my absence"
                                1. I have been anxious, silent, pensive sedentary"
                                  1. "to show paces like a managed filly!"
                                    1. "This one object, whom I believe I love beyond my life
                                    2. Jack Absolute
                                      1. "It was very unkind of her to be well in your absence to be sure" Jack - baiting Faulkland
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