Client contacts regarding a package

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Client contacts regarding a package
  1. Contact Venue and verify availability
    1. Available
      1. Not available
        1. Contact client and provide an alternative venue within price range
          1. Secure paperwork and contracts
            1. Collect payment
              1. Verify costs of venue and services
                1. Unexpected costs
                  1. Notify client immediately
                    1. Do they want a new venue?
                      1. Yes
                        1. Find another venue within price range
                          1. Book new venue
                            1. Create itinerary for the night
                              1. Assign someone to attend event and handle client relations
                                1. Make sure party escort has copy of itinerary and list of necessary phone numbers
                        2. No
                          1. Collect additional expenses from client
                    2. Expected costs
                      1. Book venue
                        1. Book all other services
                            1. Send completed itinerary to client


                              • Include final cost
                              1. Graphic design team creates marketing materials


                                • Event photo, cover photo
                                1. Print invites?
                                  1. Yes
                                    1. Order these ASAP as soon as materials are created
                                      1. No
                                        1. Create event page under Bday brand's FB page
                                          1. Invite client as admin & invite guest list
                                            1. Give finalized guest list to venue if required
                                              1. Extras and decorations required?
                                                1. Yes
                                                  1. Purchase & give to event escort before event
                                                  2. No
                                                    1. Event escort arrives early to set up and meet with client
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