William Shakesphere

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William Shakesphere
  1. Where William was born?
    1. William was born in Stratford upon Avon,Warwickshire
      1. He was born in 1564
      2. Parents
        1. His parents were John and Mary Arden
          1. His father was a glover who made gloves
            1. His mother was the daughter of a rich farmer
          2. Early Life
            1. He went to school in Kings New School in Stratford
              1. He was aged six or seven when he started school
                1. He learned Latin, history, poetry and drama
                2. He married Anne Hathaway aged 18
                  1. He had 3 children but his only son died aged 11
                  2. Starting out playwright
                    1. Shakesphere was an established playwright by the year 1592.
                      1. By 1594 he was part owner of a theatre company.
                        1. They bought premises 1599.
                        2. In 1599 he wrote plays such as Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar and King Lear.
                      2. Later Life
                        1. In his later years Shakesphere wrote very little.
                          1. He still had interest in property in London.
                            1. He died on 23 of April 1616.
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