Unit 2 Crowded Coasts Fieldwork and Research

Mrs V Mitchell
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Reminders for fieldwork and research techniques for Crowded Coasts

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Unit 2 Crowded Coasts Fieldwork and Research
  1. Investigate the pressures from development in coastal areas
    1. Primary
      1. Pollution Swab Test
        1. Decibel Test
          1. Litter Survey
            1. Questionnaire
              1. Cost/Benefit Analysis
                1. Pedestrian Count
                  1. Traffic Count
                    1. Bipolar Evaluation (EQS)
                      1. Landuse Mapping
                      2. Secondary
                        1. Documentaries
                          1. Newspaper Articles
                            1. SMP
                              1. Satellite imagery
                                1. Flikr/Panoramio
                              2. Investigate the causes and effects of coastal erosion using primary and secondary sources
                                1. Primary
                                  1. LSD analysis (dog biscuit test)
                                    1. Wave count
                                      1. Evaluating Coastal property at risk
                                        1. beach profiling
                                          1. sand dune transect
                                          2. vegetation transect
                                            1. Fieldsketch
                                              1. Photographs
                                              2. Secondary
                                                1. SMP
                                                  1. GIS for past coastline
                                                    1. GIS also for geology
                                                      1. GIS for landuse for effects
                                                      2. predicted erosion rates (Environment Agency)
                                                    2. Investigate the success of coastal management strategies
                                                      1. Primary
                                                        1. Landuse Mapping
                                                          1. Coastal Management Survey
                                                            1. LSD in areas with/without defences
                                                              1. Questionnaires
                                                                1. Accessibility Survey
                                                                  1. Photographs
                                                                  2. Secondary
                                                                    1. Flikr/Panoramio/Google Street view for images
                                                                      1. SMP
                                                                        1. Google Earth
                                                                          1. Newspaper articles
                                                                            1. Zoopla, UpMyStreet for changes in house prices over time
                                                                          2. We did MARGATE and LEYSDOWN on SEA
                                                                            1. Don't FORGET!!! You need to use the terms quantitative, qualitative, systematic, opportunistic and random sampling!
                                                                              1. Be prepared to say the WHY, the WHERE, the WHAT and the HOW for each example
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