Apresentações em Inglês

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Tens dificuldade em fazer apresentações em Inglês? Descobre algumas frases e expressões comuns neste mapa mental!

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Apresentações em Inglês
1 Começando
1.1 A apresentação
1.1.1 Good morning and welcome to ...
1.1.2 Thank you all very much for coming today.
1.2 Uma nova seção
1.2.1 Now, let’s take a look at … .
1.2.2 Moving on to the next part, I’d like to … .
1.2.3 Now I’d like to move on to … .
2 Apresentações
2.1 Apresentando-te
2.1.1 My name is X and I am responsible for …
2.1.2 Let me introduce myself; my name is X and I am responsible for …
2.2 Apresentando o tópico
2.2.1 The purpose of today’s presentation is to...
2.2.2 In today’s presentation I’d like to … show you … . / explain to you how … .
2.2.3 In today’s presentation I’m hoping to … give you an update on… . / give you an overview of … .
2.2.4 In today’s presentation I’m hoping to cover three points: firstly, … , after that we will look at … , and finally I’ll … .
3 Período de perguntas
3.1 If you have any questions you’d like to ask, please leave them until the end, when I’ll be happy to answer them.
3.2 If anyone has any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.
3.3 If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask them now.
3.4 I’ll / We’ll come back to that question later in my presentation.
3.5 I’ll / We’ll look at that point in more detail later on.
4 Acabando a apresentação
4.1 Thank you for your attention
4.2 That brings the presentation to an end.
4.3 I’d like to thank you (all) for your attention and interest.
4.4 Finally, I’d like to end by thanking you (all) for coming today.
5 Ao se referir a um ponto anterior
5.1 As I mentioned earlier … .
5.2 As we saw earlier … .
5.3 You may recall that I explained … .
6 Resumindo
6.1 I think that just about covers … .
6.2 That’s an overview of … . Now, just to summarise, let’s quickly look at the main points again.
6.3 That brings us to the end of the final section. Now, if I can just summarise the main points again.
6.4 That concludes my presentation. Now, if I can just summarise the main points.
7 Bonus: Palabras Chave
7.1 I’ll outline
7.2 here we can see
7.3 to illustrate this point
7.4 to illustrate this point
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Apresentação em Inglês
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