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1 Sustainabiliy in IT manufacturing
1.1 Making products in such a way that does not harm the environment.
1.2 Reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in products
1.2.1 Lead and Mercury Reduces the chances of these chemicals being exposed to the environment when equipment is later disposed of
1.3 Making products more energy efficient
1.3.1 Less energy product uses to operate -> Less impact it will have on environment Smaller contribution to CO2 omissions
1.4 Includes using recycled materials in order to package products
1.4.1 To help reduce the amount of waste produced from their manufacturing
2 Sustainability in IT Disposal
2.1 Ensuring old computer equipment is disposed off safely
2.2 Does not end in landfills where toxic substances they contain can leach in to the ground water
2.2.1 Potentially polluting water sources
2.2.2 Causing other environmental problems such as contaminating wildlife
2.3 Many manufactures offer TAKEBACK programs
2.3.1 Where they dispose of or recycle old products for you So the IT department does not have to be responsible for ensuring the safe disposal of OLD eqipment
3 Management of Sustainability in the company's IT usage
3.1 Way in which company manages its IT assests
3.2 Purchasing energy efficient equipment such as desktops, printers, servers, laptops
3.3 Managing energy consumption of the equipment efficently
3.3.1 Making sure that there is a policy in place to switch off equipment off when it's not in use Take other measures that reduce the amount of energy used by the equipment Includes environmentally friendly disposal of the equipment through recycling or donation at the end of its lifecycle
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