V2L Registration Site

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V2L Registration Site
  1. Funded courses
    1. New courses?
      1. Web chat for learner queries
        1. Use social media to tell 'friends' you have signed up for a free course
          1. Apprenticeships / traineeships
            1. Different eligibility criteria? Separate sign-up form?
              1. Diagnostics?
            2. Employers
              1. Option for company to purchase a licence by credit card (or invoice?)
                1. Block bookings of multiple courses to assign to staff members
                  1. Would this be supported by v2l platform?
                    1. Could have an Employer Admin area for learner management and reporting
                2. Unfunded courses
                  1. Grow into non-UK markets?
                    1. Explore other payment methods (CapitaPay limitations)
                      1. Which countries would / could we target?
                        1. Currency / language issues to consider
                      2. Partnerships
                        1. White label offering for college full-cost provision
                          1. Any successful paper-based products that we could develop online?
                          2. Grow portfolio of products available
                            1. More full quals (Level 2, Level 3, beyond?)
                              1. Unitise existing v2l quals
                                1. Price?
                                  1. What do learners get for the price? Tutor support, certification, etc?
                                    1. Include these in the price or sell on as optional extras
                                    2. Can unitised programmes be 'collected' towards achieving a full qual?
                                    3. New specific unfunded programmes
                                      1. What subject areas should we cover?
                                        1. Explore areas of professional development and compliance
                                          1. What do competitors offer?
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