Electrical Circuits

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Electrical Circuits
  1. Electric current flows in a circuit.
    1. Current
      1. An ammeter is used to measure current.
        1. Current is measured in amps.
          1. The current is the same all the way around a series circuit.
          2. Circuits
            1. A complete circuit is needed.
              1. Parallel circuits.
                1. Series circuit
                  1. Circuit symbols are used to draw circuit diagrams.
                    1. Bulb
                      1. Switch
                        1. Cells
                    2. Voltage
                      1. Voltage pushes the current around the circuit.
                        1. Voltage is produced by a cell. It is measured in volts.
                          1. Two or more cells make a battery.
                            1. The first cell was made by Alessandro Volta.
                              1. Luigi Galvani discovered that nerves carry electric current around the body.
                              2. Resistors
                                1. Resistors reduce the current.
                                  1. Variable resistors can be used as dimmer switches.
                                    1. These change the resistance.
                                    2. Stop Current
                                      1. A fuse melts to stop too high a current from flowing.
                                        1. Circuit breakers can be used instead of fuses.
                                          1. There are hazards when using mains electricity in the home.
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