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Manhunt & Farmer's Bride
  1. Manhunt - Simon Armitage (Contemporary Poem)
    1. Summary
      1. Narrator is the wife (Laura) of a soldier (Eddie)
        1. The soldier has returned home with serious gun-shot wounds and injuries
          1. It is more difficult to see and understand his mental scars and the problem that they cause
          2. Language
            1. Repetition
              1. Emphasis on how long Laura has been waiting
              2. Metaphor
                1. Show the different types of wounds that Eddie has experienced
                2. Antithesis
                  1. Playing with the ideas of life and death
                  2. Sides
                    1. 1st Side = Exterior damage
                      1. 2nd Side = Interior damage
                    2. Structure & Form
                      1. Dramatic Monologue
                        1. Character Narrative
                        2. Couplets
                          1. Emphasises on the relationship
                          2. Rhyme
                            1. Regular & Irregular
                              1. Idea of the unstable nature and healing aspects of the relationship
                            2. Enjambment
                              1. Inconsistent
                                1. Appears more towards the end
                                  1. Idea of improvement
                                2. Rhythm & Tempo
                                  1. Faster/Changing pace
                                    1. Relationship is improving
                                3. Simon Armitage & Context
                                  1. Undertakes different roles
                                    1. Demonstrates strong concerns of social issues
                                      1. Worked on documentaries about the lives of permanently-injured soldiers
                                    2. Farmer's Bride - Charlotte Mew (Literary Heritage)
                                      1. Summary
                                        1. Married for 3 years but bride is still afraid of him
                                          1. Recalls how the relationship went wrong
                                            1. Finds rejection unbearable
                                              1. Struggling to resist makes him take her back by force
                                              2. Language
                                                1. Rhetorical Question
                                                  1. Doubting their relationship
                                                  2. Caesura
                                                    1. Illustrates loneliness and isolation
                                                    2. Simile
                                                      1. Comparing her to animals
                                                        1. Contradictory
                                                          1. Farmer should be able to tame all animals
                                                            1. Cannot control wife
                                                      2. Triplets
                                                        1. Emphasises her fears
                                                      3. Structure & Form
                                                        1. Chronological order
                                                          1. Recalling how it happened
                                                          2. No/little punctuation in beginning
                                                            1. Initially had an impatient attitude
                                                            2. Rhyme
                                                              1. Leaving humanity (Stanza 1)
                                                                1. Inconsistent
                                                                  1. Irregular relationship
                                                                2. Antithesis
                                                                  1. Nature & Humans
                                                                3. Charlotte Mew & Context
                                                                  1. Background
                                                                    1. Experienced love
                                                                      1. Experienced unrequited love
                                                                        1. Explore emotional frustration
                                                                      2. Commenting on Victorian marriages and relationships
                                                                        1. Arranged
                                                                          1. Parental consent
                                                                          2. Farmers need skilled brides
                                                                            1. Ability to do farmwork
                                                                            2. No procreation = annulment
                                                                            3. Mental illnesses and psychology
                                                                              1. Suffered from depression
                                                                                1. Herself and siblings
                                                                                  1. Explains the idea of mental illness
                                                                            4. COMMON THEME: Hunting or Searching
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