proposal for a student led fundraising show

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a proposal for a group of students to fundraise by producing their own show

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proposal for a student led fundraising show
  1. Aims for young people
    1. to encourage collaboration
      1. senor pupils work together on the prduction
        1. working across year groups
          1. encouraging individuals to use their skills
          2. to provide opportunities for performing a musical
            1. 22 in ensemble
              1. 12 major roles
                1. live orchesta
                  1. stage production
                    1. front of house
                    2. to provide leadership opportunities
                      1. producer
                        1. assistant producer
                          1. director
                            1. assistant director
                              1. musical Director
                                1. choreographer
                              2. Aims for Maggies cancer care
                                1. to link the local centre with the community
                                  1. Maggies Forth Valley will provide support for people affected by cancer
                                  2. To provide funds
                                    1. Maggies running costs
                                    2. To make more people aware of what Maggies does
                                      1. Programmes can have information inside them
                                    3. Aims for St Mungos High School
                                      1. To demonstrate what young people can do
                                        1. To promote a can do ethos
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