Speeding Up

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Speeding Up
  1. Definition
    1. Speed is how fast something moves.
      1. Speed tells you distance traveled in a certain time.
        1. average speed= distance (divided by) time
      2. Units
        1. Units of speed include: m/s, mph, and km/h.
        2. Balanced Forces
          1. When all forces acting on an object balance then it can be:
            1. Moving at a constant speed in a straight line.
              1. Stationary.
            2. Unbalanced Forces
              1. An unbalanced force in the direction of motion causes something to speed up.
                1. When something speeds up we say it accelerates.
                  1. An unbalanced force acting in the opposite direction to motion causes something to slow down.
                    1. When something slows down we say it decelerates.
                2. Drag
                  1. When something moves through air or water there are drag (friction) forces.
                    1. The size of the drag in air or water depends on the speed.
                      1. Streamlining can be used to reduce the drag in air or water.
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