radio activity

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radio activity
  1. elements that described using atomic mass munbers
    1. the mass (nucleon) number = the number of protons and neutrons
      1. 16
        1. O
          1. 8
            1. the atomic (proton) number = number of protons
              1. the nucleus of an atom contains protons and neutrons
                1. different numbers of protons on their nucleus
    2. alpha particles are helium nuclei
      1. alpha particles are made up of two protons and two neutrons.
        1. compared to beta and gamma, they are big and heavy and slow-moving.
          1. they have a strong positive charge
            1. they are strongly ionising. this means they can remove electrons from lots of atoms, making lots of ions.
              1. they dont penetrate far into materials - they're stopped quickley
              2. beta particles are electrons emitted from a nucleus
                1. 0
                  1. e
                    1. -1
                  2. beta particles are electrons so they move quite fast and are quite small
                    1. they have a negative charge
                      1. they are fairly ionising
                        1. they penetrate quite far into materials before being stopped - they travel further than alpha particles
                        2. gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation
                          1. gamma rays are high energy waves from electromagnetic spectrum
                            1. they are weekly ionising
                              1. they penetrate a long way into materials
                              2. the three types of radiation can be blocked
                                1. alpha particles are blocked by paper and cardboard
                                  1. beta particles are blocked by thin aluminum
                                    1. gamma rays are blocked by thick lead
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