Heating and Cooling

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Heating and Cooling
  1. Condensation
    1. A liquid can freeze or a gas can condense if it loses enough heat energy.
    2. Changes of State
      1. A solid can melt or a liquid can evaporate or boil if it gets enough heat energy.
      2. Temperature
        1. Temperature is an important measurement.
          1. Temperature tells us how hot or cold something is.
            1. Temperature is measured with a thermometer.
              1. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius.
            2. Heat Transfer
              1. Depend on transfer of heat energy.
                1. Heat energy is measured in joules.
                  1. Heat energy transfers from hot to cold.
                    1. Heat transfer happens in three ways.
                      1. Conduction is the method of heat transfer in solids.
                        1. Metals are good thermal conductors.
                          1. Non-metals like plastic, and particularly air, are poor thermal conductors.
                            1. Poor thermal conductors are called thermal insulators.
                          2. Convection happens in liquids and gases.
                            1. Hot liquid or gas rises up through colder liquid or gas.
                            2. Heat radiation carries heat energy across empty space at high speed.
                              1. Shiny white surfaces are poor absorbers and good reflectors of radiated heat.
                                1. Heat energy reaches the Earth from the Sun by this method.
                                  1. Dull black surfaces are good absorbers of radiated heat.
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