Of Mice & Men- English

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GCSE resource. A brief look at themes, symbols and characters of the book Of Mice and Men.

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Of Mice & Men- English
  1. Characters
    1. Curley
      1. small and angry
        1. picks on bigger guys
          1. eg. Lennie
        2. jealous
          1. Boss' son
          2. Curley's Wife
            1. treated as an object
              1. not given a proper name
              2. flirts with others
                1. lonely
                  1. seen as a tart
                2. George
                  1. Lennie's carer
                    1. responsible for his life (and his death)
                    2. tries to keep Lennie out of trouble
                      1. doesn't always succeed
                    3. Lennie
                      1. mentally handicapped
                        1. depends heavily on George
                        2. large
                          1. very strong
                            1. he isn't always aware of this
                            2. likes petting soft things
                              1. dangerous due to his strength
                            3. Carlson
                              1. farm hand
                                1. insensitive
                                  1. shoots Candy's dog
                                    1. same gun shoots Lennie
                                2. Slim
                                  1. leader of mule team
                                    1. respected
                                      1. understanding and compassionate
                                        1. understands George and Lennie's situation
                                      2. Crooks
                                        1. only black character
                                          1. segregated from others
                                          2. stable worker
                                          3. Candy
                                            1. old farm hand
                                              1. afraid of being fired due to his age
                                                1. tries to join George and Lennie's dream
                                              2. Aunt Clara
                                                1. only mentioned
                                              3. Themes
                                                1. Nature of dreams
                                                  1. loneliness
                                                    1. barriers
                                                      1. powerlessness
                                                        1. hope
                                                          1. nature
                                                          2. symbols
                                                            1. characters
                                                              1. each represents person in society
                                                                1. Crooks= people who were discriminated against
                                                                  1. Curley's wife= gender inequality
                                                                2. locations
                                                                  1. pool at start of book
                                                                    1. tranquil and calm
                                                                      1. Lennie ends up dying here too
                                                                    2. animal imaery
                                                                      1. Lennie eating like an animal
                                                                        1. Candy's dog killed
                                                                          1. Lennie killed by same gun
                                                                        2. Hands
                                                                          1. most men referred to as this
                                                                            1. seen as just workers and not people
                                                                            2. Lennie's
                                                                              1. sign of trouble
                                                                              2. Candy's missing hand
                                                                                1. sign of helplessness
                                                                                2. each hand represents essence of the person
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