Modern history of environmental movement

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Modern history of environmental movement
  1. UN conferance on the human environment, stockholm 1972
    1. Greenpeace and friends of the earth
      1. United Nations environment programme
        1. world conservation strategy
      2. UN earth summit, Rio 1992
        1. post-Rio
          1. World Summit, Johannesburg
            1. Bali 2007
      3. Green political parties
        1. Stockholm 1972
          1. Club of Rome: computer simulation
            1. The limits to growth
              1. First attempt to predict future of earth with a computer simulation
                1. unofficial conferance: various non-government organisations (NGO's)
            2. Stockholm declaration
              1. safeguard of natural resources
                1. renewable resources must be maintained
                  1. wildlife must be safeguarded
            3. greenpeace
              1. founded 1971
                1. 2.5 million members
                  1. gew out of anti-nuclear weapons testing
                    1. based in Amsterdam
                      1. operates in 45 countries
              2. friends of the earth
                1. radical direct action groups
                  1. Sea shepard
                    1. founded in 1977
                      1. boarding of vessels, cutting of nets, shining lasers at fisherman
                      2. earth first
                        1. founded 1980
                          1. inspired by silent spring
                            1. no compromise
                              1. various acts of sabotage and occupation
                    2. Green political divide
                      1. realos
                        1. Fundos
                        2. Agenda 21
                          1. Kyoto 1997
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