Who was to blame for the cold war?

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Who was to blame for the cold war?
  1. Yalta Conference
    1. "Sphere of influence" for USSR protection
      1. Stalin takeover of eatern Europe
      2. Division of Germany into 4 zones
        1. Berlin Blockade
          1. Everyone was moving from east to west Germany, it was well paid, and nice
            1. Stalin was losing his professionals
              1. Stalin blocked off Berlin from the rest, no transport whatsoever
                1. The west needed to resolve without commiting an "act of war"
                  1. They airlifted one and a half million tons of supplies into the starved Berlin
                    1. Stalin could do nothing about it without commiting an act of war
            2. USSR (Berlin inside soviet zone)
              1. Britain
                1. USA
                  1. France
                2. Truman doctrine/marshall aid
                  1. Give money to Eastern European countries
                    1. To recover from war and stop following the extremes of communism
                      1. Stalin sees this as an act of aggression
                        1. He claims that USA want to dominate Eastern Europe by making dollar the main currency
                  2. Ideologies
                    1. USSR was a communist dicatorship
                      1. No freedom of press, speech or religion
                        1. No right to vote
                          1. All industry owned by the state
                          2. USA was a capitalist democracy
                            1. Freedom of speech, religion, press
                              1. Privately owned industries
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