Computerised Accounting

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Brief stages of CPAG Assessment

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Computerised Accounting
  1. Create Company
    1. Not part of assessment
      1. File: New Company; Follow prompt
        1. Setting: Change program date
        2. Set up Customer Records
          1. Customer: New Customer
            1. Follow prompt
          2. Setup Suppliers Record
            1. Supplier: New Supplier; Follow Prompt
            2. Set Up Nominal Ledger
              1. Company: Nominal Record; Nominal code; Save
              2. Process Invoice and credit notes for customers
                1. Customer: Batch Invoice
                  1. Customer: Batch Credit
                    1. Process invoices and credit notes for suppliers
                      1. Supplier: Batch Invoice
                        1. Supplier: Batch Credit
                        2. Allocate monies received
                          1. Bank: Customer Receipt
                            1. Customer: Customer Receipt
                              1. Paid in Full or automatic
                            2. Allocate monies paid
                              1. Bank: Supplier Payment
                                1. Supplier: Supplier Payment
                                  1. Paid in Full or Automatic
                                  2. Remittance Advice: Bank; Remittance; Highlight, Print
                                    1. Process receipt/payment for non-credit transaction
                                      1. Journal: Double entry
                                        1. Cash Sales- Bank Receipt
                                          1. cash Purchases: Bank Payment
                                            1. Cash Withdrawn: Bank Transfer
                                            2. Process recurring receipts/payments
                                              1. Setup: Bank; Recurring Item; Add; Enter details
                                                1. Process: Enter date; Highlight; Print
                                                  1. Print Screen: Ctrl+PrintSCRN
                                                  2. Process petty cash receipts/payments
                                                    1. Petty Cash Receipt: Bank; Bank Transfer
                                                      1. Petty Cash Payment: Bank; Petty Cash
                                                    2. Process journal entries
                                                      1. Company: Journal entry; Double entry
                                                        1. Most entries follow double entry
                                                        2. perform periodic bank reconciliation
                                                          1. Bank: Bank Reconciliation; match
                                                          2. maintain safety and security of data
                                                            1. File; Backup; Ctrl+PrintScrn
                                                            2. Produce reports
                                                              1. Customer: reports; Daybook; Customer Invoices (Detailed)
                                                                1. Supplier: Reports; Daybook; Supplier Invoices (Detailed)
                                                                  1. Trial Balance: Company; Financial, Future; Print
                                                                    1. Audit Trail: Company; Financial; Audit Trail; Detailed
                                                                      1. Company: Report; Nominal Ledger
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