A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Created by missrg about 6 years ago
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A Midsummer Night's Dream
1 Jan Kott "Titania and the Ass's Head"
1.1 Puck is devlish
1.1.1 caused Titania to sleep with a man with an ass's head takes Bottom to bed by force
1.1.2 "pulls all the characters on strings"
1.2 lovers are exchangeable
1.2.1 each is indistinguishable
1.3 ashamed
1.3.1 night to day
1.3.2 sexual madness
2 Maya Angelou "Phenomenal Woman"
2.1 Titania's power in her relationship with Oberon
2.1.1 Types of love erotic romantic sad classic young infatuation
2.2 evocative of Titania
2.2.1 powerful female leader
2.3 feminism
2.4 men do not understand strong women

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