René Descartes

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René Descartes
  1. Meditations on First Philosophy
    1. Meditation #1 "On what can be called into doubt"
      1. He starts to rebuild foundations
        1. 1. Dreaming Argument
          1. Our senses deceive me
            1. "I have the same experiences awake and asleep
              1. The only difference:
                1. -In a dream=>I'am conscious of what I am doing


                  • lalalla
                  1. -In real life=> I don't know what I am doing with clarity
                    1. How can someone distinguish between them?
                2. 1. Sight when objects are small or distant.
                  1. Are things real?
                    1. All I know is: - I am here. -These hands are mine.
              2. 2. Evil Demon Argument
                1. GOD
                  1. Could he make my perception of maths (or anything really ) wrong?
                    1. He does not do bad!
                      1. But I am doubting
                        1. Something must be deceiving me
                          1. EVIL DEMON ○.○
                2. 3.Analogy of the painter
                  1. Senses=Doubt
                    1. Composite things
                      1. Studies based on them
                        1. -Medicine. -Astronomy. -Physics
                    2. Reason=NO Doubt
                      1. Simple and Universal parts
                        1. -Shape. -Quantity. -Size. -Time
                          1. Studies based on them
                            1. -Geometry. -Arithmetic.
                              1. Pictures in sleep = Paintings
                                1. Because
                                  1. They are copies of real things
                                    1. Elements out of which we make all our mental images of things
                                      1. Real=> eyes, head, ears, etc
                                  2. Painters
                                    1. Example
                                      1. Sirens
                                        1. Composed
                                      2. Colors
                                        1. basic
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