meditation 2

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meditation 2
  1. Meditations on First Philosophy
    1. Meditation #2 "The nature of the human mind, and how it is better known than the body
      1. "I think, therefore I am"
        1. Impossible to doubt that I am thinking
          1. Whenever I think
            1. I must exist
            2. Doubting is also a thinking process
          2. What am I ?
            1. "I am a thinking thing"
              1. I
                1. have
                  1. -arms -face -hands
                    1. body
                      1. It can be perceived
                        1. shape, position, space
                    2. do
                      1. -eat. -drink. -perceive -move
                        1. THINK
                          1. done by the soul=mind
                            1. similar to wind or fire
                  2. am I a man?
                    1. What is a man?
                      1. A rational animal?
                        1. NO
                  3. Wax Argument
                    1. Wax
                      1. Perceived by the senses
                        1. -SIght -smell -touch -hearing -taste
                          1. Hard, tastes like honey, scent of flowers, cold
                            1. BUT
                              1. when put near fire
                                1. Physical characteristics change
                                  1. Hence
                                    1. My senses deceive me once again
                                    2. Still the same wax
                                      1. What is it then?
                                        1. Extended, flexible and changeable body
                                          1. Not my imagination
                                            1. Perceived by the mind alone
                                              1. Many figures, shapes and lengths
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