meditation 3

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meditation 3
  1. Meditations First Philosophy
    1. Meditation #3 "In which are demonstrated the existence of God and the distinction between the human soul and body"
      1. Clear and distinct perceptions
        1. whatever that is clear and distinct must be true
          1. It concerns the Latin adjectives clarus and distinctus the corresponding French adjectives clair and distinct and the corresponding English adjectives ‘vivid’ and ‘clear’. Every other translator of this work into English has put ‘clear’ and ‘distinct’
            1. Clear
              1. ‘I call a perception claram when it is present and accessible to the attentive mind—just as we say that we see something clare when it is present to the eye’s gaze and stimulates it with a sufficient degree of strength and accessibility".
              2. Distinct
                1. "I call a perception distinctam if, as well as being clara, it is so sharply separated from all other perceptions that every part of it is clarum"
            2. Theory of ideas
              1. We learn and perceive with the senses
                1. I did not peceive the thing by itself but instead I perceived the IDEA or the thought of it
                  1. 1. Simply ideas
                    1. images of things
                      1. ideas of their own, can not be mistaken
                        1. Sources
                          1. innate
                            1. Adventitious
                              1. outside of us
                                1. senses
                                  1. Can't change with will
                                  2. With the knowledge that I exist
                                    1. Because I doubt
                                  3. The sun is small according to our senses but astronomically it isn't
                                  4. Invented by me
                                    1. Mermaid and unicorn
                            2. 2. Volitions and emotions
                              1. affirmation or fear about ideas on objects
                                1. there is only mistake on thinking that judgements resemble things outside the mind
                          2. Mode of thought
                            1. Substances
                              1. GOD
                                1. Objective reality
                                  1. "everything that comes into being must be made to be by something that has an equal or greater amount of reality"
                                    1. something outside his mind exists.
                                      1. people
                                        1. the idea can easily be conceived, even if they don't exist
                                        2. animals
                                          1. angels
                                      2. Infinite actual being
                                        1. Conceived by the contrary of finite
                                        2. eternal
                                          1. independent
                                            1. supremely intelligent
                                              1. immutable
                                                1. TRUE
                                                  1. Clear and distinct
                                                    1. Idea
                                                      1. I doubt = I'm not perfect
                                                        1. The idea of God
                                                          1. Put by someone else
                                                            1. Because it is perfect
                                                    2. Good
                                                      1. Does not deceive me
                                                    3. Body
                                                      1. Thinking thing
                                                        1. Exist by themselves
                                                      2. Affection
                                                        1. Attributes
                                                          1. Body
                                                            1. Extension
                                                            2. Mind
                                                              1. Thought
                                                            3. Modes
                                                            4. Idea
                                                              1. Link between mind and world
                                                                1. formal reality is the kind of reality things have in this world
                                                                  1. objective reality is the reality of the objects
                                                              2. Cogito
                                                                1. Existance demonstrated by the fact that one thinks
                                                                2. Sum res cogitans
                                                                  1. Cogito ergo sum
                                                                    1. I think therefore I exist
                                                                      1. Is he more mind than body?
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