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just the major points on these few tenses

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  1. Future
    1. Simple Future
      1. infinitive stem + the endings for avoir
        1. ai as a ons ez ent
          1. er verbs take off the e on the stem
            1. irregular future stems: avoir - aur... etre - ser... aller - ir... devoir - devr... faire - fer... savoir - saur... pleuvoir - pleuvr...
            2. Near Future
              1. aller + infinitive
            3. Passe Compose
              1. for completed actions
                1. avoir or etre followed by the past participle
                  1. add (e)(s)(es) for verbs that take etre
                    1. REMEMBER PDO AGREEMENTS
                      1. an object that comes before a verb needs to have endings on the verb, but not if the object comes after the verb
                        1. Reflexives: a PDO agreement is always needed, to agree with the object not the subject
                        2. MRS VANDERTRAMP
                        3. Imperfect
                          1. used for: -an unfinished action - a description - a habit
                            1. take the nous form of the present tense
                              1. ais ais ait ions iez aient
                            2. Conditional
                              1. hypothetical situation
                                1. I would
                                  1. infinitive
                                    1. ais ais ait ions iez aient
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