Production of crude drugs : Cultivation of Medicinal plants

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Created by muslem2009 almost 6 years ago
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Production of crude drugs : Cultivation of Medicinal plants
1 Collection of wild plant for medicinal use has several disadvantages
1.1 Continuous collection may lead to serious defeciency
1.2 wild plants are found in sparse distribution over unlimited area
1.3 The difficulty in collecting these plants as they are mostly growing in deserts or forests or seas where the way is always difficult
1.4 Ignorance of collectors may lead to
1.4.1 Admixture of the desired plant with other plants
1.4.2 Collection of undesired organ of the desired plant
1.4.3 Collection of the desired plant at improper time
1.5 Insufficiency of wild plants to fulfill the need of the market
1.6 The difficult of transport when the natural home is far from any ordinary means of transportation
2 cultivation of Medicinal Plants
2.1 Advantages
2.1.1 Concentration of a large number in a small controlled areas
2.1.2 Give a good means of controlling purity of the drug
2.1.3 Controlling processes of collection , drying , preparation and storage which are carried out by trained workers
2.1.4 Controlling factors affecting drug activity as selection , mutation , hybridization and polyploidy and also improvement of the drug owing to improved conditions of soil , fertilizers , control of insects pests
2.1.5 Cultivation is essential in the case of drugs subjected to governmental control as opium
2.1.6 Cultivation of the drug near to pharmaceutical firm for the manufacture process , thus preventing deterioration of the vegetable drugs by careless handling and lower the costs of transportation
2.2 Disadvantages
2.2.1 The high cost of production due to high prices and cost of land
2.2.2 Cultivation modifies the morphological and anatomical characters of the wild plant so that the identification of the plant become difficult ad many varieties are produced
2.2.3 Medicinal plants require a particular environment not readily obtainable under cultivation as cannabis requires tropical climate for production of the narcotic resin
2.2.4 Loss of plants due to adverse weather conditions such as rain , attack of fungi , insects and diseases

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