Reasons for Modifying a Recipe

Lauren McElwaine
Mind Map by , created about 6 years ago

Leaving Certificate S&S Mind Map on Reasons for Modifying a Recipe, created by Lauren McElwaine on 10/14/2013.

Lauren McElwaine
Created by Lauren McElwaine about 6 years ago
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Reasons for Modifying a Recipe
1 To make a dish more nutritious
2 Special dietary needs eg using gluten free flour for a coeliac
3 To change the number of servings
4 To add variety eg using beef instead of chicken
5 To make a dish more economical eg use cheaper cuts of meat
6 To keep with healthy eating guidelines
6.1 Eat less sugar
6.1.1 Avoid adding extra sugr to foods
6.1.2 Use artifical sweetners
6.2 Eat less salt
6.2.1 Cut down on convenienve foods
6.2.2 Use herbs and spices to season
6.2.3 Not using packet stock cubes or gravy granules
6.3 Eat more fibre
6.3.1 Use wholemeal flour when baking
6.3.2 Eat fruit & veg with skins when possible
6.3.3 Eat wholemeal varieties of foods eg brown rice
6.4 Eat less fat
6.4.1 Use low fat products
6.4.2 Cut visible fat off foods
6.4.3 Use polyunsaturated spreads

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