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1 Build healthy public policy
1.1 Healthy public policies are developed by developed in conjunction with the state government. Examples of policies include laws relating to smoking in public places, tobacco advertising, the display of cigarettes in retail outlets, tobacco packaging and tobacco taxes.
2 Create supportive environments
2.1 Quit creates supportive environments by providing personalised counselling for those wanting to stop smoking. The Quitline is Quit’s telephone service that individuals can use to receive advice and support when quitting smoking. Online support is also available on the Quit website.
3 Strengthen community action
3.1 Quit strengthens community action by assisting health professionals, community groups and various population groups to develop anti-smoking strategies. It does this by providing specialist training for health professionals and providing funding and resources for community and population groups to decrease smoking prevalence.
4 Develop personal skills
4.1 Quit develops personal skills by providing information regarding tobacco smoking and the benefits associated with not smoking. This is achieved through a mass advertising campaign and via downloadable information on their website.
5 Re-orient health services
5.1 Quit reorients health services by investing millions of dollars in smoking prevention research. This research then provides best practice techniques for preventing people from starting smoking and assisting smokers to quit. This can reduce the incidence of many illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.
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