Technology 2

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Technology 2
  1. Mechanisms
    1. Input: are what you do e.g hole puncher-push down on lever
      1. Output: are what happens e.g hole puncher-holes are punched in paper
      2. Motion
        1. Linear: movement in a straight line
          1. Reciprocating: movement backwards and forwards in a straight line
            1. Oscillating: movement backwards and forwards in an arc
              1. Rotary: movement in a complete circle
              2. Levers
                1. three parts: effort, load, fulcrum
                  1. Class 1: fulcrum between the effort and the load
                    1. Class 2: fulcrum at one end, the load in the middle and the effort at the other end
                      1. Class 3: fulcrum at one end, effort in the middle and load at the opposite end
                2. Linkages
                  1. Reverse motion: top rod moves to left and bottom moves to right
                    1. opposite directions and the fixed pivot is centre of rotation
                    2. Push and Pull: large rod at the top of the diagram moves to the left the two small rods at the bottom move to the right
                      1. rods are parallel
                      2. Double arm: linkage will change a reciprocating motion into two oscillating motions
                        1. can be found on novelty coat hooks
                      3. Cams
                        1. three parts: follower, axle, cam
                          1. three main types: pear shaped, circular and heart shaped
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