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Bed block

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  1. Placement
    1. Stay
      1. Assessment
        1. Fit to be discharged
          1. Assessment of medical needs for social care
            1. NHS Continuing Care
              1. Home
                1. Delay in installation of required equipment at home
                  1. Lack of available carer
                    1. Educate, provide emotional and financial support to carer [2]
                  2. Care home
                  3. NHS Funding Nursing Care
                    1. Care home
                      1. Awaiting funding authorisation for nursing or residential home placement
                      2. Awaiting residential and nursing home place
                        1. Improve collaboration between hospital and social service [5]
                          1. Discharge lounges and interim placement scheme [7]
                          2. Awaiting social service assessment
                            1. Improve collaboration between district hospitals, local authorities and health trust [6]
                            2. Delay in preparation of discharge medicine and transport services
                            3. Not fit to be discharged
                              1. NHS staff inexperienced in classifying patients who are ready to be discharged
                                1. Improve discharge planning guidelines [3]
                                2. Increase use of nurse-led discharge procedures [4]
                              2. Inappropriately placed patients
                                1. Increase number of beds [1]
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