creating smoke free environments

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strenghthen community action

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creating smoke free environments
  1. vic health works closley with Quit to reduce the number of places that people are exposed to tobacco smoke by:
    1. 1: supporting legislation to ban smoking in public places
      1. 2: helping workplaces and public places wanting to become smokefree
        1. 3: promoting the 'SmokeFree' message through sponsorship
          1. 4: establishing VicHealth's healthy environments policy, which maintains a tobacco control focus in its funding agreements.
          2. legislation on smoke free events
            1. From 1 April 2014, smoking will be banned at areas commonly used by children and young people for recreational and sporting activities.
              1. The bans will complement those implemented in December 2012, which prohibit smoking at all Victorian patrolled beaches.
                1. In 2006 smoking was banned in covered areas of train station platforms, tram stops and bus stops.
                  1. A restriction on smoking in enclosed public places has been in effect since July 2007.
                    1. A ban on smoking in government school grounds became effective in July 2009.
                    2. VICHealths policy on smoke free events
                      1. Under VicHealth's healthy environments policy, a compulsory condition of grant funding is that funded indoor events must be smoke-free.
                      2. Strengthen Community action
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