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controlled substances

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  1. Forms
    1. DEA Form 222
      1. Used for CI and CII substances only
        1. Each form has a unique number
          1. Must be kept for 7 years
            1. Valid for only 60 days
              1. Defective form must be kept for a minimum of 2 years
              2. DEA Form 224
                1. Form used to register with the DEA
                  1. Every facility that dispenses controlled substances must be registered with the DEA
                  2. Must renew every 3 years
                  3. DEA Form 41
                    1. Form for destruction of outdated or damaged controlled substances
                      1. A retail pharmacy may submit one DEA Form 41 each year
                      2. DEA Form 106
                        1. After the discovery of a theft of controlled substances, the pharmacy must notify the nearest DEA diversion office, notify local police, and complete a DEA Form 106
                          1. Pharmacy must send the original copy of the DEA Form 106 to the DEA and retain one copy for its record
                        2. DEA number
                          1. A physician is required to have a DEA number if they want to write prescriptions for controlled substances
                            1. First letter is an A, B, F or M
                              1. Second letter is the first letter of the physician's last name
                              2. Filling
                                1. Schedule II substances
                                  1. Schedule II prescription can be either handwritten or computer generated but must be signed in ink by the physician with no allowable refills.
                                    1. Partial filing is allowed if the remaining quantity is available to the patient within 72 hours
                                    2. Schedule III-V substances
                                      1. Schedule III-V may be handwritten or computer generated by a physician's office, but it must be signed by the physician in ink
                                        1. Physician's office may telephone or fax in a prescription depending on state law
                                      2. Refills
                                        1. Schedule II: no refills
                                          1. Schedule III- V: 5x in 6 months from original date
                                          2. Storage
                                            1. Schedule II
                                              1. Stored in a locked, tamper-proof narcotics cabinet that is usually secured to the floor or wall
                                              2. Schedule III-V
                                                1. May be kept openly on storage shelves in retail and hospital settings
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