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This mind map is about biofuels, a renewable energy resource, that emits less CO2 than from fossil fuels.

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  1. In Britain we could generate a maximum of 7kWh per person per day.
    1. Land used for growing biofuels can cause loss of habitat and burning biofuels emits CO2. However, generating electricity from biofuels emits 60% less CO2 than from fossil fuels.
      1. We can choose plant material and animal waste that are in constant supply. This means that we can have constant electricity. Therefore, biofuels are reliable.
        1. Growing high-energy plants to use biofuels produce about 0.2Wagricul per square metre. We can also use by-products of other agricultural activities such as animal manure or rubbish.
          1. Biofuels are burnt to heat water, creating steam. This then turns turbines, generating electricity.
            1. Burning biofuel to produce electricity is about 40% efficient, whist burning coal is about 30% efficient.
              1. Electricity generated by biofuels costs about 17p per kWh.
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